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Creative solutions to enable human and non-human animals to coexist peacefully.

Our Place On Earth commits to inspiring and supporting people to make life style choices that are compassionate for themselves, non-human animals and the planet.

We are a registered not for profit incorporated association. What makes this organisation unique?  Its all about humans working with non-human animals to create miraculous solutions. Read about Dave, Lily, Lucy, Tom, and Hannah.


Looking for land

To fully establish our rescue and rehabilitation program we require land. We are currently searching in the vicinity of the beautiful surrounds of Byron Bay.

We hope many people will be able to meet and interact with our multi specied team and experience a compassionate lifestyle in action. Thanks.




Events Schedule

Animal Communication Workshop

10.00am - 5.00pm, Saturday 15 Feb 2014, Perth

10.00am - 5.00pm, Saturday 26 April 2014, Perth

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*Throughout this website the term ‘animals’ refers to both human and non-human animals, after all humans are animals too.



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