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Day 4 – The journey home
Written by Jodi Ruckley   
Thursday, 19 May 2011 00:06

Another beautiful sunny day, awesome for the Supreme Master guys handing out delicious vegan food in the Civic centre.  The weather inspired some play time as well, it was kind of cool to see the ‘cow’ and ‘pig’ do very graceful cartwheels in front of the tent. Cool Our youngest activist, Noah who has just turned one, was kicking a soccer ball around as well.  Thanks to the kind lady for the donation today – which all goes to farm animal rescue and rehabilitation.

We sat around doing a bit of brainstorming as well, discussing how the aboriginal embassy tent started back in 1972, and became a permanent fixture way after in 1988.  It has been erected ever since with a constant fire going – such dedication.  We wonder what will happen with the animal embassy tent in the future?  Nige asked a great question what does an embassy do?  I thought about when in another country I expect them to help me out, represent me when I am in need.  We liked the idea of having the embassy set up as a permanent office – a group working towards providing support to farm animals, taking calls, making appointment with politicians, plugging into the electricity at parliament house and working away efficiently.

What’s so great about the idea is that we even have permission to have pigs, cows, chickens and sheep on the lawns of parliament house.  We haven’t found any enthusiastic contenders as yet, but I am sure it will happen sometime in the future.  I have met plenty of animals that are happy to work side by side with humans in making the planet a better place for their fellow brothers and sisters.  I am sure the hundreds of school students visiting parliament house each day on school excursions would love to meet them as well.  We will let the ideas continue to flow, and continue on the road to Ban Factory Farming.

Much love, Jodi