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Cancer in dogs
Written by Jodi Ruckley   
Monday, 17 October 2011 21:34

This is a subject I find fascinating.  Intrinsically, I feel that cancer is a disease that can be overcome, given the right change in a number of factors including environmental, social and of course the recipients emotional state of health.

With dogs, and other companion animals, I am also aware that the health and wellbeing of the human companion, often comes into the equation.  Somehow dogs have some sort of capability to act as a sponge, and I have witnessed time and time again when an illness evident in a dog is a reflection or mirror of what is going on in their human friend.  When it comes to healing, I guess this can either complicate or simplify the situation.

Me. I am interested in how we heal cancer in dogs; I have read statistics that it is causes up to 50% of canine mortalities in the USA, and I imagine it is quite similar in Australia.

I have lost dogs to cancer, Sheba 17 years ago to digestive cancer, Tyson 9 years ago to throat cancer and Tasha 14 years ago with a huge growth in her tummy.  I think a lot about what could have contributed to the development of these cancers and what we could have done differently to change this.  When Wayne was cured of cancer very easily with natural methods 4 years ago, it gave me hope that in fact, cancer is a disease that can be overcome.  I saw it with it my own eyes, and our vet was amazed at the results.

When we set up Our Place on Earth’s ‘Animal Camp’; we will offer 5-day retreats for dogs with cancer, (along with their human companions of course!).  The retreats will include nutritional therapy including detoxification, herbs, shamanic techniques, animal communication, and bodywork and will be run with veterinary supervision.  This combined with time in nature for deep reflection is sure to achieve some happy outcomes. Smile

Have an awesome day, Jodi