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Some wisdom from Wayne
Written by Jodi Ruckley   
Monday, 24 October 2011 21:25


Hey all,

Well, the time has arrived, last week Wayne chose to leave his physical body and reunite with spirit again.  I do not use the word ‘chose’ lightly.  Months ago he told me he was ready to pass away.  Day after week after month passed and I wondered if I had got it wrong.  I told him over and over that I was ready, doing meditations and exercises to cut any chords, fears etc.  He made it clear; “I will decide when you are ready”.   Thanks Wayne for making it gentle for me.  He also shared me with the importance of viewing death for what it is - a celebration, a new beginning, and back to spirit again – wow!

Wayne has done loads of great work in our Animal Communication Workshops; he has been a great support to many who want to develop their skills in telepathy and touched the hearts of many.  He continues to be available in this same role for anyone who wants it, just asks he loves it!


Much love, Jodi