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My Elephant Friend
Written by Jodi Ruckley   
Tuesday, 01 May 2012 23:45

Last year a psychic told me that I had died in a past life helping elephants and that they were sending their appreciation for all that I had done.  Whilst I do not remember any details, I do know that I have a special love for elephants.  I remember being around them in Zimbabwe, I felt completely captivated and in awe of them.  Later in Uganda I felt very much the same.  Both times I have had opportunities to be around them whilst they are free, and I must admit I have felt a little scared.  They are just so big, and I was unaware of their intentions.  Of course what I would like most is to make friends with them.

An elephant presented herself (telepathically) to me at the beach earlier this evening.  She came to me as a picture of her face with her trunk curled upwards, being friendly and approachable.  I wonder, “Why is she approaching me”?  I sense she is trying to help me with something.

She responds by saying “You know why I am here.  Our species needs help”.

I reply, “But how I can possibly help?”.

She says, “Just by being you, doing what you are doing”.

I feel puzzled.  She encourages and coaxes me, I feel her smile melt through my heart.  I am perplexed; I seriously have no idea what she is talking about.  I find myself internally searching for an answer.  She rests in peace; she knows her mission is complete.  She has won my heart and knows that once that happens I am committed forever.  She says, “You may take a while to come around, but once you do its forever.”.

I reflect how long it took for me to really trust other animals I have come in contact with.  I reflect on what commitment means.  I understand what she is saying.  I understand and I feel a deeper sense of relaxation inside of me than I have felt for a long time.  Thanks my elephant friend……..