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A walk at Cariad Farm
Written by Jodi Ruckley   
Sunday, 10 June 2012 00:00

At midday exactly my attention was called to a moooooo from David.  Yesterday I arrived at Cariad Farm and it was approximately midday when I went for a walk with David (steer), Lucy (sheep) and Lily (pig).  Apparently for David it was time for our now daily walk.  I quickly ate my lunch that I had just finished preparing and set out to gather up the troops.  Lucy and David came into the house yard and I opened the gate to the yard where Lily is during the day.  We headed out the front.  I walked down the river but they all headed straight ahead beckoning me to follow.  So we went up the side of the main paddock and headed on a new walk for all of us, up high on the property towards the mango trees.

One of my favourite things in the world is going for walk with these guys.  David gets wide eyes with excitement, Lucy has a quick nibble as she passes things she likes, but doesn’t stop too long as she doesn’t want to be apart from the group. Lily gets her nose into everything.  We walk up a pretty steep hill and I am glad to see Lily is walking free and easy with great fitness levels.  It is likely that pigs coming from intensive farms have leg and joint problems, but Lily seems to be going fine at this stage.  We walk a long distance; a wallaby leads the path for a while.  David goes off track for a while and the other two follow through the bush, then we meet back on the main path.  Lucy goes off track again and gets worried as she cannot see anyone and baahhhhs.  I call out to her and she uses her excellent sheep climbing skills to traverse a steep bit of hill to join us again.  At one point I think, maybe we should turn back.  Lily takes over in the lead and insists we keep walking forward.

About 5 minutes later we reach a waterfall, wow!  David has a look of excitement on his face, and stands back to check it out, whilst Lily walks boldly up and starts having a drink from the stream flowing over the path in front of the waterfall.  She then crosses, so do I and Dave and Lucy follow.  We walk a bit more and then turn around.  We have a good run back on the downslope, it always makes me laugh as David always has to do some bucking and kicking like any calf having fun and we all run together.  We slow down at the bottom and they all have a good munch on their favourite plants.  I feel a bit inadequate knowing how well they pick wild plants compared to my dismal 4 or so plants that I know.  I love watching them; I could spend days on end watching the things they choose to eat.

We come back to the main house and find Tom and Hannah.  I get a carrot and a mandarin and share amongst us.  Tom and Hannah prefer to stay back near home, right from when they were baby chicks they always preferred not to go on long walks, so I make a point of meeting back and hanging out altogether.

That’s it for now, lots love, Jodi